Eastern Medicine Singers at Urban Pond Procession, 2017

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Eastern Medicine Singers, an Algonquin drum group, drum and sing during the start of the Urban Pond Procession to Mashapaug Pond in 2017. Bending over the drum is Chief Darius Two Bears Ross (Ani-Tsalagi, Onaselagi North Eastern Band of Cherokee Lenape Indians). Sitting around the drum is Michael Spirit Wolf Ras (Caquetios Arawak) - seated with legs visible behind Chief Daryl Black Eagle Jamieson, Chief Raymond Two Hawks Watson (Mashapaug Narragansett), Chief Tureygua Taino Cay (Cibuco Bayamon Taino) and Chief Daryl Black Eagle Jamieson (Pocasset Pokanoket).

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