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Conimicut Station
  • postcards
  • Postcards, Railroad stations
  • Postcard depicts the Conimicut Station in the Conimicut area of Warwick, RI on the Buttonwoods line. The postcard is hand colored.
Saylesville, RI
  • postcards
  • Bird's-eye views, Mills, Railroad tracks, Postcards, Railroads
  • Postcard shows a bird's eye view of the Lorraines Mills in the Saylesville area of Lincoln, RI.
Lorraine Mills
  • postcards
  • Mills, Railroads, Railroad tracks, Postcards
  • Postcard shows the Lorrain Manufacturing Company in the Saylesville area of Pawtucket, RI. Railroad tracks run in the foreground.
Lorraine Mills
  • postcards
  • Mills, Railroad crossings, Railroads, Railroad tracks, Postcards
  • Postcard depicts a railroad crossing near the Lorraine Manufacturing Company in Pawtucket, R.I.
Wickford Junction
  • postcards
  • Railroads, Railroad stations, Railroad tracks, Postcards
  • Postcard shows the Wickford Junction Station in North Kingstown, RI. The Station has a large covered platform.
Wakefield, RI
  • postcards
  • Cities & towns, Railroads, Railroad crossings, Postcards
  • Postcard shows a railroad crossing and mill buildings in Wakefield, RI.
Narragansett Pier Station
  • postcards
  • Railroads, Railroad stations, Postcards
  • Postcard shows a railroad Station at Narragansett Pier in Narragansett, R.I. Small bare trees and shrubs are planted near the Station.
Wickford, R.I.
  • postcards
  • Boats, Bodies of water, Piers & wharves, Steamboats, Postcards
  • Postcard depicts the "General", a steamer in the water outside Wickford, RI. Boats are docked at wharves in the foreground.
Hummocks Station
  • postcards
  • Railroad stations, Railroad tracks, Shelters, Postcards
  • Postcard shows the Hummocks shelter on the NYNH&H. Railroad in Portsmouth, RI.
Tiverton (Item)
  • postcards
  • Boats, Railroad bridges, Railroads, Rowboats, Sailboats, Postcards
  • Postcard shows sailboats dry-docked on the shore of Tiverton, R.I. A train passes on a bridge in the background.
Westerly Station
  • postcards
  • Automobiles, Railroads, Railroad Station, Postcards
  • Postcard depicts the N.Y., N.H. & H. Station in Westerly, R.I.
Shawomet Beach Station
  • postcards
  • Postcards, Railroads, Railroad stations, Railroad tracks
  • Postcard shows the Shawomet Beach Station on the Buttonwoods line in Warwick, RI. A sign reading "Adams Express Agency" hangs underneath the Station sign. Railroad tracks run in the foreground of the postcard.