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Welcome to the new online showcase for the collections of the Providence Public Library. Over the coming months and years, we plan to offer more ways to access our collections online. We encourage visitors to learn more about our Special Collections and to visit to view materials in person.

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Recently Added Items

Levin Street (Upper) Looking West - Site of Vernon Furniture Co., Newport

Image shows the ruins of demolished buildings on Memorial Blvd. People walk on sidewalks behind a car in the foreground.

Levin Street (Upper) Newport

Image shows the demolition of buildings on Levin Street (now Memorial Blvd). Demolition crew work in the demolished lots in center of photograph. St…

Levin Street (Upper) East to Bellevue Ave

Image shows bars and abandoned shop fronts on Levin St (now Memorial Blvd). The door of the Levin St. Cafe is boarded, and "The Pit" is spray painted…